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Featured New Hire Training Courses

New hire training is designed to give your employees the tools they need to provide exceptional service and strengthen customer relationships. To establish your business as the first choice your customers make when they need products or services. Here are four new hire training courses from The Training Aspect for you to consider.

New Hires

One-and-a-half-day course

This new hiring training course develops, reviews, and helps in the implementation of onboarding programs. Topics include the company’s mission and vision statement, organizational culture, management structure, position requirements, goal setting, and feedback. The new hire program is ideal for dealership and store managers.

New Sales Personnel

One-and-a-half-day course

Sales personnel are responsible for selling products or services. Their success depends on thoroughly understanding each step of the sale, knowing the different types of customer personalities to interact with them appropriately, make the sale and ensure their satisfaction. This comprehensive training program will also teach the personnel the art of prospecting and successfully handling subsequent leads.

Onboarding Programs


An effective onboarding program, also known as organizational socialization, is essential for helping new employees feel welcome and part of the team. This course helps identify the necessary steps to ensure program success. We implement a uniform program specific to each dealership or store organization’s needs and have trainers available to assist with the process as needed.

Service Technician Training

One day course

Service technicians are responsible for diagnosing appliance, automobile, HVAC, and equipment problems and making repairs. This course focuses on the importance of identifying any related parts that should be replaced to ensure repair success. Instructors focus on looking for additional service repair opportunities with an emphasis on promoting all service inspection programs. Topics include identifying related parts, proper labor documentation, and recognizing new service opportunities.

Contact Us for More Information and Scheduling

The Training Aspect is committed to partnering with you to increase customer satisfaction and reduce employee turnaround by offering several new hire training courses. These courses are designed to provide your employees with the tools they need to succeed.

We do not just offer training programs but a training partnership.

All courses are currently only being offered virtually. Today, please contact us at either (208) 351-3361 or shane@thetrainingaspect.com for more information about our classes, pricing, and scheduling.

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