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Featured Customer Service Training Courses

Regardless of the industry or setting (e.g., in-person, virtual, etc.), employees must understand the importance of providing excellent customer service, often going the extra mile to exceed customer expectations. That is where customer service training, such as the following courses, can prove to be of immense benefit for both your employees and your company profits.

Service Technician Training

Service technicians, depending on the industry, are responsible for diagnosing and repairing specific systems. They typically also make recommendations for additional services that are of benefit to the customer. During this one-day course, the importance of identifying other repair or replacement opportunities is focused on promoting repair success, along with customer satisfaction. Topics include identifying related parts, proper labor documentation, and recognizing new service opportunities.

Customer Service Training

This one-day course focuses on the differences between providing good and excellent customer service. The need to create and develop relationships with the customers who ultimately impact a company’s bottom line is discussed. Methods for ensuring employees provide exceptional service, subsequently ensuring customer satisfaction, are identified and emphasized. The goal of customer service training is to turn employees into problem-solvers rather than merely order takers.

Parts Salesman Training

Another one-day course is our parts salesmen training. During this course, parts salespeople will develop the necessary skills to be problem-solvers. Learning objectives include suggestive selling of related parts and promotional items. Sales associates will also know how to adequately explain the benefits of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) versus aftermarket parts. Finally, they will learn how to promote the service department and its inspection programs effectively.

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The Training Aspect is committed to partnering with you to increase customer satisfaction and reduce employee turnover by offering several customer service training courses. These courses – designed to provide your employees with the tools they need to succeed – are targeted at all employees within a wide range of industries.

We do not just offer training programs but training partnerships. All courses are currently only being offered virtually. Please contact us at either (208) 351-3361 or shane@thetrainingaspect.com for more information about our classes, pricing or to schedule an appointment.

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